October 1, 2014


A one on one Spirit in Business consultation gives you the opportunity to look at your business directly and address anything you need a little (or lot) of help with. Whether you are at the beginning, middle, peak or crossroads in your wellbeing career, we can help you with planning, marketing, infrastructure, support, clarity or sense of overwhelm. Our vibe is one of love, passion, encouragement and enthusiasm. Oh and our sessions are totally professional, confidential and affordable! You should consider a one on one consultation if you:

  • need a mentor
  • feel you’re going round in circles
  • find yourself at a crossroads in your business
  • are struggling with financial success with your passion
  • want to deepen your craft and create something unique
  • have years in the industry but still seem to be meandering
  • need help finding your unique message, audience or niche
  • have finished your qualification and wonder where to from here
  • need to build your confidence in a vibrant, non-judgemental space
  • just need an ear to sound out possible projects to see what is viable
  • know exactly what you want, but don’t know how to put it together
  • want to work in wellbeing but are unsure what to study, develop or pursue
  • want some professional, open advice & support from someone who knows your industry inside out

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