How to Cope with Overwhelm While Building a Wellbeing Business

It’s totally normal to experience overwhelm when you’re trying to run your own business, so here a few simple steps to help you clear space, step back, take a deep breath and bring your focus back to what really matters.

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Keep Your Eye on the Big Picture
It’s easy to drown in the small details of your business, spending too much time in little corners and losing sight of what your end goal is. Practice stepping back every now and again, and make sure you’re still on track and haven’t got lost down a side street somewhere. Of course the nitty gritty details need to be taken care of, but only in service to the whole picture.

Do Less, Not More
One sure fire way of sending yourself into overwhelm is to be doing too much at once. Overlapping events, too many services to promote, or a cluttered product line will take up way too much of your time, money and energy. Worst of all it will overwhelm your clients, and when people are overwhelmed by choice they walk away. Try doing a few things amazingly well on a clear timeline, and throw all your energy and passion into your best work.

Break Up Your Week
Try breaking your working week up into sections and assign tasks to particular days that make sense. Of course you need adequate breaks throughout the day, but many wellbeing practitioners work odd hours that could be put to great use. For instance; if you have a day with a two hour break between classes you might use those for your bookwork, or to write your blog or newsletter. If you know you are most creative on Mondays you might use that day for batching your social media and so on. Get a regular schedule that makes sense to your business. That way you will know that nothing is getting sidelined. By maximising your time in your working week you’ll feel better able to let go on your days off.

One Step at a Time
Create a step by step timeline for important tasks and follow through until they are done. Schedule them in your diary under specific days, and tick them off as you go, with rewards at the end of larger tasks. Lots of small unfinished bits in your business can create a sense of overwhelm or not enough time in the day. Use the magic rule; deal with it, dump it, delegate it or defer it. Thinking about things but not following through is no good for you or your business, so move through one step at a time, and don’t put anything else on your plate until it’s clean.

Let Go of Perfectionism
If you are a perfectionist remember not to spend so much time trying to get the minute details right that you overwhelm yourself unnecessarily, and miss windows of opportunity. Do the best you can right now with what you have and know that over time your skills will deepen. In a world where so much appears polished and perfect, what your clients want is someone real they can relate to.

With careful planning, great structure and a commitment to follow through with your deepest work, your sense of overwhelm will give way to confidence and clarity. And that’s a business that you’ll thrive in both personally and professionally.

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