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It’s amazing how much stuff we leave unfinished, but unfinished projects will leak energy and integrity from your business like nothing else. Whole, completed, fulfilled projects build your skills, your reputation and your brand. Completing things is about having a level of maturity and commitment to what matters, and following through with dedication and devotion. It is about resisting distractions and temptations at every turn, and doing what needs to be done to fulfill your true purpose. So how can you ensure you are completing what needs finishing and releasing the superfluous? Read on…

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Stay in Integrity
The definition of integrity that I love the most is ‘being whole and undivided’. If you are whole and undivided in your intentions; are totally connected to your soul calling, and are determined to follow through and complete your work, you will always succeed. Like a radiant sun, the energy of your work regenerates itself, deepens, broadens and radiates out your true identity in all directions so your tribe can find you. It takes great courage to stay in integrity and create only programs, products or services that are aligned with who you are in essence. When trying to create a product or service range, ask yourself is this integral to my vision? Or what do I need to put in here to create an integral picture? How can I commit to completing the tasks necessary one step at a time on a dedicated timeline, without getting distracted?

Be Mindful of Your Resources
Your time and energy is precious. Spending a load of time on a variety of projects is going to leave you drained physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially. When you really honour your resources like time, money and energy, and see them as sacred blessings to fulfil your dharma, you will be much less frivolous with how and where you invest them. Energy leaks occur when you no longer have a beautiful round ball of vibrating energy, because you have broken off little bits of the outer shell to fund distractions. Before launching into another project, ask yourself is this worthy of my sacred resources, or am I going to deplete something more important by shifting my focus?

Work the 80/20 Way
The 80/20 principle states that you probably get 80% of your results from 20% of your efforts. Conversely this means that you are actually wasting 80% of your time on projects that bring in only 20% of your results. In his book Living the 80/20 Way, Richard Koch says “Anyone can get extraordinary results without extraordinary effort. A small amount of our energy leads to most great things in our lives, a small portion of our time leads to most of our happiness and fulfilment.” So if you do one thing extremely well in your business, instead of having a million half baked ideas on the boil, you will have more time, money and energy to spend living the life you love with family and friends. And that’s the healthy practitioner I would go to see.

Be Mindful of Illusion
As the saying goes there is a fine line between creativity and chaos. It is very easy to believe that you have a great new plan that came as a message from spirit, and run away with a wild new idea before checking in. The ego is challenged by completing projects that might take it out of comfortable boundaries, and it can dress distractions up in all manner of beautiful disguises. For every new idea sit for at least 10 minutes in stillness meditation, drop totally into the body and the breath. Visualise going ahead with the project and see how it feels in your body; how are your shoulders, your breathing, your belly responding? Come back to neutral mind for several breaths, let the body release, then visualise dumping the project and see how the body feels. Take your time. If you can’t take the time to sit in stillness, or check in with the body, that’s definitely the ego at work!

The Power of Completion
Right now I am finishing the last few chapters of the Spirit in Business book, and I can’t tell you how many distractions my ego is sending my way. The temptation to stop what I’m doing and follow other urges is getting to the point of the ridiculous. It is taking all my strength to keep going and complete what I have begun. Because here’s the thing; when you complete major or minor projects you build confidence, your skill set, resilience and maturity. You can fully embody pivotal lessons for yourself in each project, and send an empowered experience out into the world for others. Your knowledge becomes richer and deeper and you open yourself up to a whole other layer of mastery. Then each subsequent project, product or service (and your own level of wisdom), comes from a far more powerful place. Strong foundations build breathtaking results for you and your clients. I had planned to launch my Spirit in Business Mastermind E-Course in February, but have had to delay it a couple of months so that the book has right of way. Although I was contemplating holding back the book until the e-course launched, by sticking to my commitment to complete the book, the material I now have for the e-course is evolving to something far richer and deeper than I had originally planned.

Would you want to be on a plane where the pilot didn’t complete his emergency training, or have an operation under a surgeon who didn’t finish his medical training? Of course not, and that’s why it is essential to your professional reputation that you complete what matters and release what doesn’t. So why not give it a go….

Try This
Look at every program, product or service you are offering at the moment and ask yourself how you could create a more integral vision. Take one thing at a time and ask yourself if you need to:
A Ditch it
B Complete it
C Delay it
D Energise it

Be honest with yourself, ensure the answers are coming from spirit, not ego, and try not to freak out when you end up with a lot more time on your hands!

If you need a hand getting super clear and energising your direction for the New Year, make an appointment today. It’s that easy…

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