A Sneak Peak of Spirit in Business the Book…

Hey everyone, given that I am running a little behind with the book I thought I’d give you a sneak peak to see what it’s all about. Heading for a March/April 2016 release now…

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Spirit in Business is about holding a deep connection with spirit and creating a business that is an inspirational driving force in fulfilling your dharma or purpose. For some people business is a trigger word, carrying automatic presumptions about greed, competition and dishonesty. You may believe as soon as you use the word, all spirituality is lost. You may believe that there is a huge division between spirit and business, and you can live only one or the other, but not both. I beg to differ. To me business is the essential sacred vehicle to fulfilling your dharma. It is the dance of the soul on the earth. It carries the opportunity to express the manifest vision of your spirit. You can choose the costumes, the scenery and the characters for your performance from many millions of permutations and combinations available to you; from bells on your ankles and a kaleidoscope of vibrant colour and movement, to an earthy tribal story, to a light angelic delicacy. The possibilities of how you express yourself are endless. What a glorious opportunity to celebrate who you are in essence.
Yet for every powerful performance a million things go on behind the scenes to make it a success. The dedicated practice of the craft, the costumes being made and altered, the intricacies of the lighting, the best venue to showcase the work, scheduling the performances, getting the right staff, marketing with integrity and passion, where to sell the tickets and what provider to use, how to raise money for the overheads, provide parking maps, catering, refund policies and so on, and so on. No matter what your business is, you need to write a list and check it twice to be absolutely sure that your spirit is totally, utterly supported in every way, so it can unleash the full, glorious vibrancy of its expression without hindrance or interference. Business has two fundamental tasks. The first is to create space, support and a clear path for your soul’s authentic expression. The second is to let your tribe know you are here and ready to work in service for them.
Let’s get one thing straight, being in business is going to bring up your stuff, because the intention of your business is to bring the full expression of your soul work out into the world. It is the driving force behind the soul. And that’s scary for the ego. Super scary. So it will become fearful, competitive, take you off on crazy tangents, want to use fear based language, tell you everyone out there is better than you, manipulate your direction, have you worried about others opinions, your professional capacity and so on. The ego will want to discredit the structures at every turn, because if it can sabotage the pathway and the plan, if it can set out detours and distractions, the soul’s expression is lost and the ego can relax back into its safe world. It will whisper to you that business is unholy and that if you were really spiritual you wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole. It is not business that is the bad fellow, but the ego that will rub its hands with delight as it sees numerous opportunities to keep you away from fulfilling your dharma.
Do you need to be mindful of your business practices? Absolutely. Every business decision must have its roots in the soul, and be utterly aligned with your highest path. You will need to be avid in your daily meditation practice to keep every day a soul driven one. You can no longer consult the soul just in times of difficulty or doubt. You will need to hone your intuitive skills on a daily basis by dipping into that infinite pool of integrity, vision and wisdom that is the realm of the soul, so you can be sure your purpose is generated and motivated from the inside out, not the outside in. More than knowing your audience, you will need to know your work. Business is the humble servant who will wait outside the door of your meditation room for daily instructions to be carried out. Break that communication between the soul and your business and pretty soon the ego will peek around the corner calling ‘pssst over here, I have another great project for you’. If you can stay centered and true, your path is assured. There has never been a more potent time for manifesting your dharma. If you are willing to take the role of active co-creator from a soul space, it is impossible to fail. You are destined to succeed. It is in your DNA. It couldn’t be any easier.
There is not one spiritual practitioner out there that is not using business tools, whether they care to admit it or not, and they do that because it supports the work of spirit, and the fulfilment of their dharma; from large organisations like the Brahma Kumaris, to the Dalai Llama, to regular everyday practitioners like you and me. If you get judgement from other practitioners, let it slide and carry on with your highest work. Never, ever let your ego, or the ego of anyone else deter you from your deepest work. The truth is that right now most of us are holding back. And its time to raise the vibration of our work and get it out there, because now, more than ever, we need your glorious, joyful, divine spirit to stand up and be seen.
This book is going to show you how to raise the vibration of your work to something that will astound you and bring you great joy. How to manifest your authentic soul desires easily and effortlessly. How to create a deep, authentic, daily spiritual connection that is going to get you thirsty for more. How to align with the deepest essence of your work, name it and hold fast, when everything around you is trying to pull you away. It is going to help you find your one true soul purpose. It is going to pull you away from illusion and get super clear on the nitty gritty daily tasks that need to be done to succeed. It is going to show you how to create a business and marketing plan that will take your deepest work out into your local or global community, in a way that is wholly, intrinsically tied to your soul. And so much more. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started…

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  • I love the free creative approach, grounded in action, and inspired by love you write about here Ginny. I’m sure the complete book will take off as it speaks to so many ready now to do this. Gratitude Grace

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