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Spirit in Business provides the best business and marketing support available for
wellbeing practitioners. In a language you can understand.


A one on one Spirit in Business consultation gives you the opportunity to look at your wellbeing business directly and address anything you need a little (or lot) of help with. Whether you are at the beginning, middle, peak or crossroads in your wellbeing career, we can help you with planning, marketing, social media, infrastructure, support, clarity or a sense of overwhelm. Our vibe is one of love, passion, encouragement and enthusiasm.
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Spirit in Business provides amazing business and marketing workshops across Australia for Health and Wellbeing practitioners that are joyful, authentic, and heart-centred. Spirit in Business workshops are packed with amazing business skills, filled with creative flair and peppered with meditation, movement and aromatics to keep you in a space of wellness as you learn and grow. We”d love to have you there.
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Spirit in Business is a book dedicated to helping the spiritual leaders of tomorrow, today. Packed with inspiration and all the business and marketing tools you need to create a thriving wellbeing practice.
Perfect for wellbeing practitioners, coaches, healers, leaders and teachers, it is about balancing the yearnings of a deep soul calling, with all the complexities of a modern world.

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Ginny West is an engaging and inspirational speaker drawing on her vast experience and personal journey in health & wellbeing. Ginny presents at body, mind & soul expos, health & wellbeing conferences and industry events. Create a buzz at your next gathering by taking a fun, informative and engaging business journey into creating authentic success in health and wellbeing. Come and be inspired to new levels.
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About US

No one knows the wellbeing industry like we do

Spirit in Business is dedicated to helping health & wellbeing practitioners to shine. We are all about taking your wellbeing practice, products and services out into the world with clarity, passion, joy and authenticity. Spirit in Business offers powerful marketing, planning, social media and email campaigns for soulful success. All the business, nitty gritty from a space of love, because we believe everyone has the right to be successful, to be seen and heard. We would welcome you to get in touch and see what an amazing difference a little help, encouragement, professional advice & experience can make to your business. So why not book a consultation, dive into a workshop or pick up an inspirational read today?

  • Marketing with Heart

    Market your products and services from a totally heart-centered, authentic space

  • Social Media with Soul

    Creating a strong brand presence in a way that is soulful, ethical and aligned.

  • Planning with Purpose

    Bringing your vision alive step by step.

  • Finding Your Voice

    How clarity, consistency and courage creates a loyal, engaged audience.

Work with Us

Spirit in Business offers an amazing array of consultations, workshops, talks, events and
programs to help take your wellbeing business to the next level.


Oh the love...
Kylie Lowe
Kylie Lowe
Joining Hands
“Ginny West is incredible, funny, clever, inspiring and not to be missed”
Maria Golding
Maria Golding
Intuitive Motherhood
“Thank you so much Ginny for you inspiring and expansive presentation. My big take-away…show up fully as yourself in business. The more you bring of your authentic self, the greater the abundance, including financially.”
Jessica Connor-Kennedy
Jessica Connor-Kennedy
Mindfulness Educator
“I love Ginny’s practical, heart-centred approach to business development and my business is prospering under Ginny’s guidance”
Kim Byrne
Kim Byrne
Saltwater Vitality
“Ginny was absolutely on the money and really helped me with my market niche. I can highly recommend her and her expertise. I’ve had some mentoring from others in the past but Ginny far exceeded them in passion, knowledge, encouragement and care. I’ll be back to see Ginny that’s for sure”
Jane Robotham
Jane Robotham
Soul Clarity
“Spirit in Business was a great workshop and one I highly recommend. Ginny West is a vibrant facilitator with a gift for helping others find their passion”
Paula Tracey
Paula Tracey
Knowing Me Knowing You
“This was my 2nd Spirit in Business workshop – Ginny is constantly evolving and offers authentic insights, powerful nudges and generosity of spirit. I highly recommend Ginny’s workshops & am looking forward to a coaching session.”
Carly Wilson
Carly Wilson
Meditation & Counselling
“Ginny is vibrant, knowledgeable and passionate. I attended her Niche workshop and it really opened my eyes to things. What is great is that I can implement these changes NOW and take my business goals back to what I’m passionate about”
Julie Beck
Julie Beck
Inspired Essence
“Thank you Ginny, great workshop with excellent content you made it easy to understand and I already have gotten the breakthrough I was looking for in clearly defining what it is I have to offer. You provide extraordinary value and I would recommend you to anyone wanting to make a difference to others, whilst creating a successful business for themselves.”

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